My Fringe Top 5

Titus Andronicous – Hiraeth Artistic Productions
This brutal, visual combination of Shakespeare and This is England was the talk of Surgeons Hall – An incredibly hard hitting production pulled off by a brilliant cast and crew.

Missing – Ghecko Theatre
A beautifully performed and understated production which left the whole auditorium spellbound.  Incredible flawless storytelling and dance, complete hats off to the performers and producers.

A Womb with a View – Pinkanoe Theatre
A real feel-good trip to the 90s, A Womb with a View left a smile on my face all day.  Perfect comedy timing, classic dance routines and an all round fun show!

Much Ado about Nothing – Shitfaced Shakespeare
A concept that you think would never work, alcohol and a Shakespeare play actually turns out to be pure genius! HIlarious production greeted by an audience more than ready to have a great time.

Lords of Strut
Crazy acrobatics, hot pants and a hilarious relationship between this duo from Ireland – another brilliant show which left the audience in awe, in stitches and covered in Man Spray!


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