The power of a one man show

I’ve always thought it really brave to be anyone involved in the creation of a one man show, whether it be the main protagonist, the writer or the director. Standing on a stage, with no chorus to back you up, no other characters to bounce off of… Just an empty stage and an expectant audience. For me, it’s all down to being able to keep up the pace, and of course keep the audience engaged, a challenge for both the writer and the performer.

Who’s afraid of Rachel Roberts? was a key example of how brilliant a one-man/woman show can be! Torch theatre company’s production was completely on the money, with an excellent performance from Helen Griffin. Highlighting the highs and lows of the dramatic life story and her demise, Griffin was relentless in her emotion and her portrayal of Roberts, encouraging the audience’s reactions to her bad language and tongue in cheek tales of her marriage and alcohol fuelled antics.

Having the power to hold an audience with every line, really does makes for an incredible production.


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