1984: Big brother is watching

This week saw a visit to the theatre on my night off to catch Headlong Theatre’s stage interpretation of George Orwell’s classic, 1984.

Exploring the thoughts of the key character, Winston and his refusal to accept the surveillance and constant policing of Big Brother, the storyline is still as relevant today as it was at the time of publication – particularly in sync with recent news stories of phone hacking and the age that consists of GPS tracking and CCTV policing.

Headlong have tackled this production head on and the final result is incredible. An intense and highly effective piece which at times proved too much for some audience members! The regimented surveillance and manner of life under the eye of Big Brother is drilled into the audience, and thoughts of a different life are silently seized in fear of the consequences.

Overall a brilliant production of a classic novel, undoubtedly deserving of the acclaim and reviews it has received so far. Not forgetting, a cleverly designed set and intense use of light and sound, Headlong have pulled out all the stops and it really leaves you questioning who is watching you as you leave the auditorium…


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