The creators and the makers

Audience members in theatres, cinemas and arenas will only ever see the performers on stage or screen… Most of the general public have next to no clue of the magic and drama that goes on behind the scenes from both the technical side and the administration side. And maybe that’s a good thing; it means the people involved in the goings on of a theatre have their own network, their own insight and they really are the makers and creators.

Friday saw the arrival of the annual event day at the Royal Opera house run by TheatreCraft, and it proved (as promised) to be a buzzing hub full of young people all wanting to be involved in the theatre industry. With a great selection of workshops, talks and meet the experts sessions it was a tough choice deciding on which to attend!

The day was full of some really interesting chats with A Younger Theatre, The Society of British Theatre Design, ATG and Royal Welsh college to name just a few in the market place, as well as two great talks by Megan Hill and Lyn Gardener. A really informative chance to find out about different organisations and possible further education options and a great buzz around the opera house, what a venue! All confirming that I am definitely in the area I want to be in!

The day was incredibly smoothly ran and maybe I’ll be back again in future years. It was great to meet so many people, potential future colleagues perhaps?

I’ll leave you with my quote of the day from Lyn Gardener on how the new age of arts criticism is: “getting away from the pale, the male and the stale!”


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