Here’s to 2014

So this year is going to be my first full year without the safety blanket of education to hide under, and as scary as that may sound, it’s also really exciting! There’s a lot to look forward to, a lot to squeeze in to my time off and a lot to push for and build towards.

I’ve been trying to think of a few resolutions/goals for the year ahead and there’s just so much I want to do!

The main ones would be:
*To level up (hope you said that as if you were playing Sonic the hedgehog) the career level somehow
*To venture out of South Wales more often to see more London based shows
*To give a new hobby a try… Potentially the ukulele?!
*To make time to blog/write and read more often
*To save some pennies!

All achievable I would like to think! There’s also an ever growing list of shows I am determined to make time for, including:
War Horse,
The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime,
The Events,
The Harri Parri’s: The big day,
Not now Bernard,
The play that goes wrong

If you have any shows you think I should check out, then please don’t be afraid to comment or tweet me @chaotickirstyy – I am game for anything!

Three days in to 2014, and I’ve already seen two shows: Start as you mean to go on! Happy new year everybody!


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