It’s a blue orange…

Anyone who has ever been to open surgery in an attempt to see your local GP, will know the intense feeling of reluctance to sit in a room full of past and future colds, migraines and children with a A* in faking illness. However, the consultancy room created within the round of the Sherman’s studio space last night was filled with an audience gripped from the first push of the door.

The story revolves around Christopher who has reached his twenty eight days in a mental health institute, leaving his fate to be decided by two doctors played by Matthew Bulgo and Craig Pinder. With a slight Shutter Island type feel, unsure of just who is telling the truth, the paranoia of Chris is cleverly conveyed with one doctor sat on each shoulder. Convinced of parents in high places, secret wives of his father, oranges that are blue: both inside and out, and other peoples thoughts in his head, it is up to Bruce and Robert to decide whether he is to be free to return to his market stall or to remain institutionalised…

An intense and gripping production from start to finish: walking along the white corridors lined with posters on mental health and the lingering smell of disinfectant, it was clear from the off that the overall design was incredibly well thought out.

Full of brilliant performances from the three man cast, evoking sympathy as well as hatred, Blue/Orange and Canoe Theatre have portrayed an incredible view of the NHS and mental health full of racism, lack of beds, madness and the power of the authority.

Undoubtably, Canoe Theatre are definitely an exciting company to look out for in the future! Blue/Orange plays at Sherman Cymru until Thursday 23rd January


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