Was ever man so proud as is this Coriolanus?

And there should be an immense sense of pride from all involved in the Donmar Warehouse’s production of Coriolanus, brought to cinemas and arts centres all over the world thanks to National Theatre live. What an excellent production.

One of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays, Coriolanus is set in Rome where duty calls on the hero as a defence mechanism to protect the city. But the aftermath of what should be full of glory and gratitude, does not play out as planned, and the second act is full of anger, banishment and tragedy.

The ensemble work within the cast alongside the intelligent and effective staging provides an intense and gripping production; emphasised especially by the brilliance of Tom Hiddleston in the lead supported by an excellent cast. The Donmar Warehouse in London’s Covent Garden is showed off to it’s full potential through the brilliantly clever design and the presence of the cast on stage for the majority of the production is a great added touch from director Jodie Rourke.

Overall, an emotional, quick paced and intense portrayal of the Shakespearean tale! I will definitely be checking out future National Theatre Live productions for times when a trip to London is just not possible!


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