So wrong it’s right!

Collapsing scenery, lost animals and a little bit of Duran Duran: all in a days work for Mischief Theatre company, touring the UK with The play that goes wrong after their success at the Edinburgh Fringe and in London’s West End.

Anyone who has worked in theatre knows that there is so much that can go wrong on opening night: lights, sound, scenery, costumes… And in live theatre anything goes! These guys from Mischief Theatre must have had an incredibly brilliant dress rehearsal and been muttering the name of that Scottish play on repeat, with what can only be described as perfect chaos erupting in place of their Cluedo-esque tale!

A cleverly arranged shambles of a murder mystery: crew members as understudies, untimely furniture mishaps and a few minor injuries… But it really was great lighthearted comedy! There is something really quite amusing about an inspector trying to make notes with a set of keys on a vase, and even more so about a butler serving white spirit instead of whiskey for several rounds of shots! Brilliant comic timing and attempted cover ups, it was impossible not to smile as the technicians took to the stage, scenery took a nose dive and heads collided with doors.  Never more than three minutes of silence from the audience, a hilarious play full of theatrical disasters enjoyed by all!

The play that goes Wrong is on at Cardiff’s New Theatre until Saturday 15th February – See the Mischief Theatre site for further tour dates.


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