Let’s face it, the only way is Downton!

Downton Abbey may currently be off our screens but never fear, Luke Kempner is on hand touring the UK with his one man show, The Only Way is Downton. Performed in Wales Millennium Centre’s Weston Studio tonight, the space was full of laughter and smiling faces as much loved characters and television program’s were brought to life through one man.

Kempner proves himself as a brilliant impersonator introducing and recreating not only the much loved characters of Downton Abbey itself, but also a variety of instantly recognisable famous voices ranging from a courteous Mary Berry to a spot on monosyllabic, miserable Andy Murray. Maggie Smith is almost perfectly brought to life through the suited and booted Kempner and his ability to quickly step between accents and tone of voice is incredible to watch; especially, with the added attention to posture, arm gestures and signature characteristics.

Although the performance itself could have been slightly more intimate in a smaller venue or space perhaps, the audience were intrigued and involved from the first line. A great light hearted show proving that you don’t need a lavish set and a never ending cast list to provide an evening full of wit, laughter and character!

Catch The Only Way is Downton on it’s UK tour and at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this summer following it’s sell out success last year.


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