The Events

When tragedies or devastating events happen, the first question to ask is why… Why me, why did they do it, what if I had helped; just why did it happen?

David Grieg’s The Events is a cleverly written and brilliantly performed piece from Actors Touring Company exploring the different sides to the story and how grief and unknowing affects individuals differently. Visiting the Wales Millennium Centre’s this week and on tour around the UK following it’s great success in Edinburgh last summer, it is clear why critics and audience members alike have been intrigued and wowed by this production.

Supported by a local male voice choir to compliment the two actors, explaining via song where conversation and speech are just impossible, the piece revolves around a shooting in a choir rehearsal at a church and the consequences for both the chaplin, Claire and the Boy. Showing the strong sense of community when unfortunate events occur and the vast rang of emotions from both sides of the story, it becomes clear that sometimes asking more questions, leaves more unanswerable results.

A brilliant piece of thought-provoking theatre showing compassion and emotion when events are simply unexplainable.


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