It’s completely mental!

It’s the Jennifer Vyle show!

There’s a knock at the door and suddenly a quiet stranger brings a lot more than one family bargained for! With a strong but small cast, Spectacle theatre are on the road again, to raise awareness of mental health in communities across South Wales.

In a similar format to the popular television show starring host Jeremy Kyle, this show shows the reality behind the entertainment value thousands tune in to observe everyday. Focusing on one important issue after the other from bullying to drugs, with host with the most, Jennifer Vyle, there to provide humour in some darker moments with some hilarious one liners.

Stats show that one in four of us suffer from mental health in our lifetime, and Spectacle theatre have put together a brilliant piece of community theatre highlighting the difficulties and the emotions surrounding individuals and those closest to them. With equally strong characterisation from all four actors, it is unfortunate that the audience we were a part of in Llanover Hall was not more vocal in it’s involvement in the show in order to spur on the performance. A rowdy crowd could have really kicked things off!

Check out for more information and tour dates!


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