No-one ever grows by being measured

Memories and magic are two things that can never be limited or measured, and the Roar Ensemble and Sherman Cymru production, Maudies Rooms, proves just that with their beautiful tale enchanting their family audience from the first meeting at a bus stop in Cardiff Bay.

Meeting a runaway groom on the street is never normally a good sign, but this particular run in with Arlo Butterworth at a bus stop outside his childhood home, leads to a stunning journey of mystery, adventure and friendship. Arlo takes us on a trip back in time to where he lived with his sick mother and beloved house keeper Maudie, and we meet the residents of the house who individually help to steer the story and change the young boy’s life. Travelling throughout the abandoned and initially slightly creepy house, the audience is ushered through room after room, each delicately and beautifully designed to show off the secrets hidden in the past. But will Arlo be able to find something within himself to solve the mystery and maybe even make it down the aisle in time for his wedding?

Full of brilliant performances from every cast member, each of whom really seem to relish the opportunity to connect with such weird and wonderful characters! Combined with the perfect mix of tension, emotion and mystery, Maudies Rooms is wonderfully pitched to interact with the younger audience members and connect with the group as a whole.

An incredibly enchanting, touching and wonderful collaborative production, a must see with some very important motto’s to live by… no reptiles, pigeons can’t be trusted and walls have ears. Oh and of course, never play by the rules!

Maudies Rooms plays until the 26th April in Cardiff Bay: for tickets and availability please check the Sherman Cymru website.


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