The spirit of the village

Small villages and tight organisations have the ability to build the strongest communities and families, and the strength shown through the cast of The Good Earth allows the audience to enter in to the emotion and vulnerability of a community in crisis.

A play in development from Fragments theatre company, The Good Earth is inspired by true events. A real mix of Welsh folk song, physical theatre and passion, the cast of five take on various persona’s: each with true conviction and emotion, creating the Womens institute, the male voice choir and a group of school children, all in the space of a minute. With humorous characterisation, the audience is immediately sucked in to the clutches of the community.

The homes of school girl, Jackie, and her family and friends, are under threat when the council step in to deem them unsafe… kick starting a tale of struggle and having to make the tough decision between family and principles. We are taken on a journey from the mountains and rivers, to the council chambers and the workplace, all with minimal props and scenery and very clever lighting design and ensemble physical theatre.

A powerful script, The Good Earth is gripping yet moving, with constant splashes of light hearted humour. It will be really interesting to see the next stage in the process!

For more information and to keep up to date on what’s next, check out the Fragments website.


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