Ladies and Gentlefish!

Roll up, roll up, because Inspector Sands and China Plate are in town with their full of fun children’s show, Rock Pool. Greeted by a sea of smiling children at the Sherman theatre, the production was well pitched to it’s audience, full of bubbles, water fights and a good fondant fancy!

Crab and Prawn are thrown in to a rock pool after a storm, far away from their homes in the sea. As different as chalk and cheese, the two are forced to get along while they wait for a wave: despite Prawn being a prime meal for Crab as he runs around armed with BBQ tongs and a knife and fork. As the audience help the pair with props cleverly hidden amongst the seating, the fish learn to get along with songs, a shared packed lunch and a few games. Full of slapstick comedy, a few puns for the adults and an abundance of sea creature jokes, the performances were engaging and funny especially in Crab’s heroic moments to stop Prawn frying in the heat.

Although the slower more sentimental moments don’t quite fit in with the contrasting fast paced comic moments, overall the production went down a storm with it’s young barnacles in the audience. The splash zone definitely appreciated their involvement in the action, with a few cleanliness conscious members of the audience questioning whether they would be tidying up afterwards because ‘they made such a mess!’

Full of laughter and rock and roll fun, Rock Pool was a brilliant trip underwater for a Saturday afternoon!

Rock Pool continues on it’s UK tour; catch it if you can! For more information and tour dates, follow China Plate on twitter: @YourOldChina


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