The power of autocracy

Autocracy is never an easy subject in performance, we all have initial ideas that are hard to shake and it’s scary how little freedom of speech those involved have; but the Sherman theatre’s youth group have collaborated with the older generation in Company 5 to produce a very powerful political take.

Crowds and Power is based on a similar social experiment in America in the 1960s, where the results were so shocking that it was called off after just two weeks. On the stage, the ensemble voiced unspoken fears and their wants and needs, as they joined together, initially happy with the sense of togetherness. The thoughts echoed those of everyone in the audience, both young and old: being scared of dying, being lost when you wake up in a hotel room, being the funny one so people will like you… Ultimately showing the downfall of autocracy and the breakdown of relationships, the production highlights the monotonous routine and the inevitable rebellion.

Combined with a simply incredible lighting design from Andy Hamer, which really highlights the choreography, the ensemble worked brilliantly together showcasing their dedication and a great level of control. Despite a slightly muffled, confusing narrative in places, the piece definitely left it’s audience with something to discuss in the bar afterwards. Crowd and Power was full of intensity and a real credit to all involved!

Keep your eye on the Sherman Cymru website for the next production from Company 4, Company 5 and the other youth groups.


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