The demon barber of Fleet Street

The biggest open air festival in Wales,
Everyman is back this summer and they weren’t going to let a teeny bit of rain get in the way of their performance in the beautiful Sophia Gardens. Tonight was the turn of the first show of the festival, and Sweeney Todd was brought to life on the outdoor stage…

Now unfortunately Johnny Depp wasn’t involved this time, but this production of Sweeney Todd is nothing to be sniffed at. The audience are instantly catapulted back in time to Victorian England, and directly in to a murder investigation complete with modern day high-vis emergency service jackets and sirens! The demon barber is focused solely on revenge after wrongful exile and the loss of his wife and daughter, and using his talents, he and pie maker, Mrs Lovett concoct a evil yet brilliant business plan, allowing nobody to stand in their way!

Awash with songs, throat slitting and a brilliant set utilising the fading natural light at sunset, the production was cleverly created from start to finish. Brilliant performances from all involved, especially from Joan Hocter as Mrs Lovett, whose vocal talent proved itself with a deliciously witty accent throughout, and brilliant comic timing !

Full of gore and chaotic madness, with a touch of meat pies (no longer the worst pies in London…), the production is completely apt for the outdoor setting, with a little drizzle really adding to the grungy Fleet Street. There may be no place like London… But Everyman have done a brilliant job of showcasing the ever talented and incredible Cardiff!

Sweeney Todd continues until Saturday 12th July. Tickets are on sale for the show Everyman festival here and you can read my preview of the festival programme here


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