There’s a murderer on the loose…

And he goes by the name of Roberto Zucco. Based on the true life story of the Italian serial killer, August 012’s brings the unpredictable and chaotic world to Chapter Arts Centre’s studio space, where nobody is safe from the action!

As the audience are ushered in to the room, the cast and choir ensemble are scattered around, immediately placing everyone in a position of involvement, really proving that anybody in society could be a killer! The narrative features a number of episodes surrounding the killings, beginning with his escape from prison and going on to focus on his involvement with a family and his relationship with a young girl.

The narrative introduces us to all the characters involved in the Zucco case with three of the four cast members cleverly switching persona’s within seconds, from policemen to innocent bystanders, to the victims themselves. Zucco himself, played by Adam Redmore, is brilliantly vacant, encouraging the audience not to feel too much sympathy or empathy with him, but focusing on the lives on the everyday people effected by his crimes.

Although I felt the narrative was slightly messy at time, and I struggled a little to keep up with the multiple layers, after time to think and digest, I was able to appreciate the chaos a lot more! The set design cleverly allowed us to bounce back and forth between the various victims, with an echo from the community choir surrounding the audience at alternate sections of the piece. Constantly being aware (and panicking slightly!) that you could be pulled up as part of the action, however did pull us out of the mindset of Roberto Zucco slightly but definitely added a sense of unpredictable irrationality to the events!

The production was grim yet humorous in parts, with an added touch of a chaotic reality. A provocative piece of theatre from start to finish, allowing us access to the bonkers world of Roberto Zucco!

Playing at Chapter Arts Centre until the 19th July, tickets available here.


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