Emoticons and other modern things

Full of sex, comedy and a creme egg or two: This week see’s Wendy Hoose take over the Sherman’s studio to kick start an autumn season of comedy, dance and theatre billed for Cardiff audiences.

Laura and Jake have been messaging online, but when they arrange to meet up one night for a one night stand: things don’t exactly go as planned despite Jakes earlier claim that he likes his ladies legless on a Saturday night. Laura, who drinks her red wine from the fridge, and Jake, who is seemingly more concerned with how he can help Lara Croft get off the island, both have very different ideas on relationships and the night is a real mix of flirting, bickering and flying insults.

The production is crude and full of laughter, emphasised by the sarcastic deadpan audio description, the BSL interpreter who stops for a creme egg mid-performance and the true Paisely dialect style captions and emoticons! These extras are normally only seen or heard in specific theatre performances but they play a vital part of the humour resulting in brilliantly put together performance.

One not to miss, that will have you laughing when in any other circumstance you probably shouldn’t!

Wendy Hoose continues it’s run at the Sherman Theatre until Saturday. Tickets available here.


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