A whole lot of Bedroom Farce!

This weekend saw Black Rat Productions and their adaptation of Bedroom Farce take over Royal Welsh College on the final leg of their tour, providing a sold out crowd in the Richard Burton theatre with an evening full of laughter!

Set in three bedrooms, featuring four couples each at different stages in their relationships and focusing on one night’s events, we are taken back to the 70s with excellent platform shoes and wallpaper my Grandma would appreciate!  Kate and Malcolm have invited their friends to a house warming party, while Ernest and Deliah are off out for their anniversary dinner at their annual restaurant of choice.  The recipe for disaster is complete when Nick is laid up in bed with a bad back and Jan decides to go to the party without him, in the company of ex-husband Trevor and new wife, the slightly neurotic Susannah.  Exposing secrets and cracks in their relationships, the ups and downs of love and marriage are displayed with hilarious consequences!

With a well designed set and a stellar cast, Black Rat have done it again.  Full of giggles and excellent timing, the intertwining lives of the four couples creates a humorous production, if a little cringe-worthy at times! All in all a great night at the theatre full of fun and laughter!

Keep an eye on the Black Rat Productions website and their twitter feed @blackratprods for news of their future productions. 


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