It’s Incubator time

It’s that time of the year again: five weeks of R&D for two companies, culminating in a showback performance in the Centre’s studio space.  Last night Likely Story and H & S took to the floor with very different but equally as heart warming performances.

Likely Story, a female group from Cardiff, took their starting point from a painting in an old pub entitled ‘Rude and Coarse’ Women and turned it into a sequence of moments reflecting the feeling that change is needed.  A charming and natural performance revolving around a rowing trip, highlighting the relationships between women and how they are represented to each other, and to the world we live in.  Seatown Ladies had me laughing out loud, and welling up with tears; and the mixture of live music and a close knit cast produced brilliant results.

Next up H&S took to the floor, amongst a beautiful set of wooden domino style blocks snaking around the floor and in stacks surrounding a rope hanging from the ceiling.  Mirroring human relationships in a combination of physical theatre and circus skills, the duo worked seamlessly together to produce a beautiful piece which had the audience mesmerised from the dimming of the lights.  Proving their worth as brilliant circus performers, the trapeze finale topped off a fab performance.

Two brilliant performances which I would love to see more of in the future and it was great to see the early development stages.  Heart warming and full of power in their own ways – thank you Incubator’14!


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