If only Rosa could do magic

Greeted by an audience of giggling and screaming families, a vision in pink cycled on to the studio stage at Chapter Arts Centre to enchant, amuse and entertain this half term! Presented by Theatr Iolo and brought to Cardiff following her success at the Imaginate festival by Norwegian performer Katja Brita Lindeberg, If only Rosa could do magic is full of charm and laughter!

Rosa has everything a little girl could ask for: beautiful pink dresses, a crown fit for a princess, lovely pink toys, a pink bicycle and of course, a wand. But her parents are always busy or away with work, and she has no friends to share her lovely things with so she creates her own world of Princesses and frogs and peppers which turn into fathers with a bit of help, hard work and a few magic words. With some very helpful audience participation, Rosa creates the world of her dreams but maybe needs to work on walking in heels… don’t worry Rosa, it happens to the best of us!

Katja has the audience involved from the word go and has a brilliant stage presence as she shows off her toys and tries to bring a little magic and sparkle into her life. One dad from the front row made a brilliant and endearing attempt to become the King and Father she hoped for so much and the audience rendition of ‘Twinkle Winkle’ to send Rosa to sleep was beautiful to listen to after laughing so much.

A pure afternoon delight, with an enchanting performance from Rosa herself, who had audience members big and small in fits of laughter! Full of charm and sparkle, Katja Brita Lindeberg is one to watch out for in the future for sure!


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