A night in Llanllai is never dull

No family event ever goes without a hitch, especially not where The Harri-Parri’s are concerned! And of course, they were never going to let the lovely Anni get married without putting on a do: they always put on a wonderful spread and of course, the whole village is invited! The Harri-Parri’s: The Big Day see’s the return of some of our favourites from The Leaving Do as well as a few new faces too. 

Anni is bringing her husband-to-be home to Llanllai to meet the family for the first time, praying that all will run smoothly… Greeted by ex-boyfriends, a traditional welsh sing song and pineapple fluff: it soon becomes clear that beanie wearing, Manchester born and bred, fiancé Ben might be in for a little bit of a shock! 

With wedding preparations in full swing in a village where everyone knows your name, it’s time for full introductions and to fine tune the smaller details for the upcoming big day! The bride and groom are flying on the wings of curry, and paired with a clever and witty script, each character is given full opportunity to shine and connect with their guests, even the ones which they’d rather not have turned up!

Full to the brim with some classic dance moves, brilliant songs and belly laughs, you would be as bonkers as they are to miss out on this show! A hilarious and incredibly, heart warming creation from Mai oh Mai productions

Next stop is Pontardawe! Keep an eye on twitter: @TheHarri_Parris for your invite to visit the Harri Parri’s household!


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