The dying of today…

Being the bearer of bad news and receiving bad news are not great from either perspective, in fact sometimes you have to just rip the band aid off and give in to the inevitable.  The Other Room’s latest venture revolves around this relationship in Howard Barker’s play The Dying of Today and audience members are transported in to a barber shop with a mirror side view for an intense 70 minutes. 

Barker’s play revolves around Ancient Greek historian Thucydides’ report of the battle between the Athenian fleet and the Spartans during the Peloponnesian War nearly 2,500 years ago.  Examining the moments that you deliver unfortunate news, the ones where you contemplate the worst and how news spreads like wild fire through communities. This has been brought in to the 21st Century with a bang under Barker’s writing and Kate Wasserberg’s direction, and the two performers bounce off each other intensely throughout, throwing the negativity around the space through their gaze and actions.  One charismatic traveller finds himself in the barbers chair, and takes it upon himself to deliver the devastating news, resulting in emotive outbursts and chilling observations from the two men as their guards break down and pure devastation breaks through the cold, hard exterior. 

 Incredible compelling performances which ended in a chilling scene with a beautiful soundtrack as the lone barber attempts to return to a new state of reality.  The Other Room was brought to life, and once again succeeded in transporting its intimate audience to another place, before releasing them back in to the bustling atmosphere of Porter’s bar.   A gripping and fast paced production not to be missed and now all we can do is wait and see what the third production in the ‘Life in Close Up’ season has in store! 

The Dying of Today runs until the 11th April, for tickets and more information:


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