This is my box…

and this is my stick. Ordinary objects to you and I, but for this forty minutes they could be anything you dreamed they could be. Theatr Iolo are back with another delight of a production as Boxy and Sticky take over Chapter’s studio this Easter. 

Full of mischief and charm the pair take to the beautifully lit set, ready to take on an audience full of three to five year olds and their parents as their imagination is let loose. Boxy emerges from his box after getting himself well and truly stuck, whilst Sticky uses her newly found stick to turn Boxy into a variety of characters; ranging from a monkey to a squashed tomato! Creating a chortling, giggling response from the younger audience members, the two performers worked effortlessly together, mimicking each other’s actions and words to create a whole new world of fun.

Backed by a wonderfully calming soundtrack and design, director Sarah Argent has created yet another diamond theatre experience, mesmerising and entertaining not only the little ones but also the more grown up, not so little members of the audience! Chortling and laughter really is infectious and this show is a charming and mischievous treat not to missed out on!

Boxy and Sticky plays at Chapter Arts Centre this week: head to their website here for tickets and more details.


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