My favourite small theatre space is back for a new season and what better way to kick off The Other Room’s autumn season than a play from brand new all female company, otherMother! Tucked away inside Porters, the space has been transformed in to a locker room ready for Blud: a piece of new writing from Kelly Jones, winner of the 2014 Wales Drama Award. 

Revolving around football rivalry and loyalty, Blud is full of sparks of magic, excellent one liners and a sense of desperation only fixed by the right pair of hands. We’re introduced to Rita, a painstakingly loyal football player and fan, and her younger sister Lou, innocently baring the weight of her family, split up by the system as children. 

As Lou is forced to grow up too quickly when she finds herself alone and vulnerable, Rita also has to face the realisation that being independent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as she waits for the back up of her Girls in the fight to defend her beloved Cotley.  Olivia Elsden has expert comic timing as the younger sibling and provides light hearted relief to a mostly dark narrative. Alongside a brilliant sound design, Blud shows a different angle to the typical family portrait and allows the characteristics any sibling can relate to, to bounce around the space.  Despite the narrative and ideas getting a little lost in translation at times, the two girls work brilliantly together and the direction from Anna Poole shows off the small space with statement performances.

A witty and dark production with committed and powerful performances from all involved. The female trio, otherMother are most definitely a company to look out for in the future if their first production of Blud is anything to go by, because as Queen Bey always says, who runs the world? 

Blud is playing at The Other Room at Porter’s until 18th September. Tickets can be bought online or follow otherMother on Twitter: @HeyOtherMother


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