I love you. Caru ti.

Pluen are back after the success of their debut Llais/Voice last year, this time with the beautiful and powerful Ti.Me which took over the Sherman’s studio space. Hitting the nail on the head with relationships everywhere, this production had me glued to the performers before the bass had even dropped. 

Devised between the Pluen team, the two actors and one musician in just two weeks, Ti.Me highlighted every girls attempt to lure a guy in a club, every guys attempt to dance with style and every couples everyday ups and downs across a four year relationship. A night club meet up, a trip to IKEA and the awkward talks about life: many of the audience left questioning whether someone had followed our own past relationships 

As both Heledd Gwynn and Alan Humphreys proved themselves to be incredibly committed and brilliant actors, the couples story came to life as they bounced off each other, fell in love and tried to hide secrets from their other half.  Switching between Welsh and English, as the two struggle to understand the other, the audience laughed and gulped in sync and despite not understanding every word, non-Welsh speakers were able to relate and enjoy just as much as the others as the chemistry drew the audience in to their lives. 
Brought to life by an incredible live soundscape and a traverse set up, Pluen have brought their personal experiences together as one and produced a punch in the stomach, rip of a daisy chain kind of night in a black box theatre. A bilingual treat of a performance with laughter, sparks of in sync magic, and utterly relatable characters. Da iawn pawb!

The lovely bunch at Pluen will be touring Ti.Me to Y Galeri, Caernarfon on 18th September and keep an eye on @CwmniPluen for more updates. 


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