We’re all mad here

A trip to Wonderland was never going to be a normal night at the theatre, and as soon as The Other Room declared the house open, it was clear that sanity was not high on the agenda.  Ending the year with an alternative Christmas production, the team at TOR and Difficult Stage have created a hilarious slice of pub theatre in Alix in Wundergarten. 

Entering across the stage to get to our seats, the audience are instantly thrown in to a world where the weird and the wonderful are all part of the script! Alix is set in a cramped radio studio where a group of actors at various points in their careers have come together to record the classic, Alice in Wonderland.  It is soon very apparent that the director is not the only one with ideas of how the scene should play out and the initial calm of meet and greets, soon descends into chaos, reflecting the world Lewis Caroll created all those years ago down the rabbit hole. 

From 80s pop classics to Les Miserables references, and from a strange obsession with a Santa toy to name dropping and signing CDs for Grandma, this insight in to a radio recording session is truly bonkers. A curious and frantic production which still somehow manages to keep the audiences full attraction throughout the 100 minutes, with the cast doing a fabulous job of engaging the entire audience, as much as some may try to avoid the interaction!
The show made me cringe almost as much as I laughed and I spent the entire show dodging the eye line of the actors and trying to work out what was going on! Alix is a well directed and hilarious piece of theatre from the gang at Difficult Stage, which had the audience in stitches from their first step on a squeaky dog…!

Alix in Wundergarten plays at The Other Room until 19th December. For more info and tickets click here


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