A is for Acrobats and Spandex

For better or worse, Lords of Strut are determined to change your life through dance in their family show at Assembly George Square Gardens this festival season.  The Irish brothers are back again as they take to the stage in a vision of spandex and headbands, ready to give acts of kindness to the audience in the form of cartwheels and dance moves.  

Famous Seamus and Sean-tastic have joined forces to make up the duo and both brothers are undoubtedly brilliant acrobats as they showcase a series of moves and lifts.  Silliness is in equal measure as spoons are hidden up noses, solo moments are altered with new (unwanted) ideas and sibling rivalry over a ladder causes a split situation! Whilst the really young children seemed a little oblivious to the puns and action, the older ones over the age of 8 were completely on side as the brothers bickered and showed off their excellent wardrobes and strength in a whirl of madness. 
Any show which instigates excellent hecklers from the crowd including ‘you haven’t even got a six pack, I have!’, proves its worth as audience members young and old were cackling with laughter, particularly in the moments of audience interaction. When asked if we were blind after a quieter applause, one young girl piped up with ‘Where are you?!’ causing even the stars to struggle to maintain their composure! 

A treat for the whole family, whether it turns out that you’re a relation of the pair or the future of the human race, this show is full of spandex, silliness and some questionable DJ skills which will leave you with a massive grin on your face. 

Lords of Strut: The Family Show | Assembly George Square Gardens | 13:45


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