B is for B*Witched

Everyone has that song that makes them think of good times (B*Witched, of course) or a dance number that reminds them of their first love (the Dirty Dancing lift for many), right? And everyone definitely secretly loves those #throwbackThursday photos which drag up an unfortunate haircut or outfit… In a series of memories and a showcase of circus skills, Jacksons Lane and Silver Linings have joined forces to bring Throwback to the Underbelly Circus Hub. 

The audience immediately became immersed in the performance as each individual was invited to write down a song which reminded them of a certain moment in their lives and as the newly formed paper aeroplanes hit the stage, a mash up of nostalgia and hits exploded from the sound system.  

As each performer told their childhood stories, they each introduced their talents alongside a brilliantly 90s soundtrack.  Swinging, spinning and leaping through the air, the strength and the agility of the performers was instantly noticeable as they made every movement look effortless, even when balancing on one hand or walking up a vertical pole. With every flip and hula hoop spin, each lift became more daring than the last and the whole cast worked really well together to bring a new exceptional skill to the floor. With memories of sibling singing, unfaithful relationships and dreams of owning a horse, each one introduced each character a little more. During some moments it would have been interesting to have a softer backing track as I’m pretty sure you would have been able to hear a pin drop in the tent as those emotional memories came flooding back. 

Full of excitement (possibly a little too close for comfort at times to those very close to the front of the stage), this talented group of performers had audience members young and old entranced by each spin and song. A real mix of chaos, beauty and amazing skill which, despite feeling slightly disjointed, left me with a pang for the memories which had unintentionally been forgotten. 

Silver Lining & Jacksons Lane: Throwback | Underbelly Circus Hub | 16:30


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