C is for Children are stinky

This is introduced as a highly factual show and as the sold out crowd were entertained pre-show with balloons and sneak previews of what was to come, it was soon apparent that this may have been a teeny fib. 

Circus Trick Tease are at Assembly George Square Gardens currently with Children are Stinky and somewhere amidst acrobatics, lifts and of course, fart jokes, the Australian duo challenge children to defy their statement that children are lazy, unco-ordinated and most of all, stinky. 

In 50 minutes of pure 90s cheese and some over-enthusiastic communication, Kylie and Jason perform a series of circus-esque routines, as they work their way through their list of definitions for children. With audience participation a plenty and a bouncing disco soundtrack, the pair had the audience roaring with laughter and the enthusiasm was contagious as they wowed with an array of hula hoop tricks, a handstand on a stack of six chairs and lifts from both halves of the duo. 

A bit overboard on the cheese element for my liking but the younger members of the audience were cheering for more as the duo hyped up the atmosphere. A show full of whoopie cushions, impressive lifts and even an egg to the face; Children are Stinky is one for those with a love of toilet humour and a cheeky circus trick or two! 

Children are Stinky | Assembly George Square | 12:35 


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