D is for Dinosaurs 

Captain Flinn is back again and this time, in a brand new adventure he is on the hunt for the magic cutlass. At Pleasance Courtyard this month, Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: The Magic Cutlass is full of sword fights, adventure and fish sausages!

As the Primary School prepare to open their class show, Flinn finds his two classmates have disapeared and is tempted through a secret passageway to a world where the pirate dinosaurs rule the high sea’s in a bid to find them.  The pirate dinosaurs (who just want to be social but they frighten the locals!), are all wonderfully introduced and their Captain with his teeny T-Rex arms evokes cries of laughter as he tells of his dreams of plenty of fishes to turn into sausages. 

Amidst sword fights, walking the plank and feeding people to the sausage making machine which is powered by meat but cleverly doesn’t make meat for the Vegans!), there are slapstick sequences and some brilliant puppetry as Flinn finds the magic cutlass amongst a disco wreck and uses a series of wishes and a little bit of team work to fight back!

With a few puns on the side for the grown ups, this performance may have been a little long and wordy for some of the children as roars of distracted minds filled the front few rows, but as the stage in the school gymnasium exploded with action and song, the storybook really came to life and everyone was on side for the final number.

A fun treat for all young aspiring pirates and dinosaur fans, complete with classic antics and catchy songs which will leave you victorious and tapping your foot!m

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: The Magic Cutlass | Pleasance Courtyard | 10:30


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