F is for Fairy Tales

Three is the magic number right? Three musketeers, three bowls of porridge, three witches, three meatloaf songs… (Even if nobody knows the third one!) – so many of life’s collections come in threes and Wrongsemble are in on the action at Summerhall this year with their family show, Three in the early morning slot. 

As the three performers rattle through a feast of fairytales, each linking to the number three in more ways than one, the stories are brought to life in wonderfully, cheery songs and an array of contrasting characters, creating a performance of thoroughly magical storytelling. The Three Wanderers, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and finally, Rumpelstiltskin are all retold in a brand new, topsy turvy way which leaves you questioning which well known character will pop up next as the stories develop and even the post gap-year King gets the audience on side! 

Amongst a beautiful set, and using minimal props to aid their tales, the multi talented trio switch between musical instruments and songs to dialogue with ease, highlighting their skills throughout. 

If a little long, Three shows plenty of spark as each actor takes on multiple roles and new characters emerge one by one. Although the date I attended was a little on the short side of younger audience members, I have no doubt that children of any age would be completely enthralled by this fairy tale mash up – this cheeky performance is definitely one to get out of bed for at the fringe this summer. 

Three | Summerhall | 10:00


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