I is for Itchy feet 

Tall Stories are back with The Snail and the Whale, following their success with The Gruffalo at regional venues earlier this year. A children’s storybook full of rhymes and poetic verse, this performance brings alive the words from the page accompanied by a live violin based soundtrack. 

Beginning with a game of slightly laborious hide and seek, we are introduced to a father and daughter attempting the daily struggle of going to bed at a reasonable time. The daughter loves stories and adventures, as well as having a soft spot for snails! As Dad is away a lot at sea and his little one longs to join him and travel the world, he records her favourite story so she can listen whenever she feels alone. 

As the humpback whale came to life on the stage from bedroom furniture, the audience joins the snail on its adventure around the world. As penguins slide off ice caps, sharks lurk in the shadows and local school children are borrowed to save the whale, the audience are kept entranced the whole time with shouts of he’s behind you and shrieks as they are covered in water.

Proof that everyone feels small sometimes; this is a heartfelt tale brilliantly retold, that will leave all audience members warm and fuzzy as the wonderful father-daughter relationship is at the forefront of their favourite bedtime story. 

The Snail and the Whale | Pleasance Courtyard | 11:50


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