J is for the Jungle

The original tale of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling has seen many spin offs over the years, most notably the Disney adaptation, and this summer Strung Up theatre company have brought their production to the stage at C Venues with The Jungle Book: Cobwebs and Moontalk.   

This tale follows Elsie, Kipling’s daughter, as she ventures deep in to the jungle alone to find her elephant friend who has escaped and ran away from the village.  Featuring well known characters from her fathers stories alongside a few new friends, Elsie is forced to decide who she can really trust and learns to defend herself (with a bit of help) whilst trying to keep to the laws of the jungle.  

Using puppetry as well as some basic aerial and silk work, alongside live music and songs, it appeared at times as if there was too much but not enough all at the same time.  It would have been brilliant to see more of the aerial skills as the moments they were used really brought the stage alive, as monkeys span and flew and snakes became tangled amongst themselves. The multi talented cast really shon in these snippets as audience members young and old wondered where to look next. 

Full of charm, this creative Strung Up production has moments of beautiful imagery but lacks a strong sense of direction and pace at times.  Combining a live soundtrack, a sense of adventure and strong performances from the whole cast, we learn that there is no place for cobwebs and moontalk in the jungle, especially when Kaa is around… 

The Jungle Book: Cobwebs and Moontalk | C Venues | 15:45


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