K is for King Boris

Molly Whuppie dance, Molly Whuppie sing, Molly Whuppie ran through the woods and she went to see the King. Lickety Spit are at Assembly Roxy this month with their much loved tale of Molly Whuppie and her brave adventures, and this full of heart production was definitely an early morning hit with its early years audience. 

The bright and sparky Molly lives with her mother and sister, Ella, by the seashore and as the weather takes a cold turn, she sets off on an adventure to ask the King for some food for their winter feast. Faced with the prospect of mountains and the bridge of the One Hair, Molly needs the audiences help as she battles the elements to reach the selfish King Boris whose heart of stone has frozen his kingdom. 

With on stage live music and sound effects, the story is retold brilliantly and really interacts with the audience as an introduction to the theatre for many. Although it is potentially a little long and could be cut down slightly, the participation elements and the soundtrack lift the performance and keep the pace going from start to finish.

A charming performance of storytelling and music from Lickety Spit as Molly proves that even though she is small, she can save the day. 

Molly Whuppie | Assembly Roxy | 10:30


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