L is for Laughter and Chocolate Goblins

Improv could be a really risky moves for an audience mostly under the age of 12, but the well practiced Showstoppers completely pull it off in their Kids Show at Pleasance Courtyard. Something for the young and young at heart, the venue was packed to the brim and full of laughter as a brand new story was created with suggestions from the crowd. 

As the location and characters are decided entirely by the young audience members, (after the adults prove they can’t think on the spot very easily!), we are transported to Candy Kingdom with Ellie the Elephant made of candy floss as she goes on an adventure with the Man on the Moon. As chocolate goblins and a Potato Canpire are introduced, it was down to the actors to roll with the well organised chaos! 

Using a set entirely made of cardboard boxes decorated with sharpie pens, the cast bounce off each other to sing and dance their way through a brand new story.  The actors improvise brilliantly as all kinds of curveballs are thrown at them, even leading a team of aliens plucked from the audience in a series of excellent dance moves, including the embarrassed tieing of the shoe laces. 

A hilarious hour which changes everyday, great for those wanting to be involved in the story telling action! A properly funny whirlwind production for the whole family. 

The Showstoppers Kids Show | Pleasance Courtyard | 11:40


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