M is for a Majestic kiss

Fairy tales are all over the place in Edinburgh this year and Brush Theatre company have brought their production of The Tiniest Frog Prince in the World all the way from Korea. Up in the loft of C Venues, the group instantly welcome the audience by inviting them to plant flowers in to the garden as everyone takes their seats. 

Using a mixture of puppetry and live performance, some filmed and projected live on to a large screen to the left of the stage, the three performers retell the tale of the Prince who gets turned in to a frog by an evil witch and a Princess who makes a promise to save his life.  As friendship prevails, the storytelling is clear and easy to follow despite the bilingual nature from start to finish.

Whilst some quieter moments of the story were beautifully told but the balance of puppetry, dialogue in both Korean and English, and live acting wasn’t quite so effective, losing the magic from the fairytale fairly early on in the performance. Staged in both an elaborate fish tank set and in life size form, the cast are hard working but an element of clarity and magic is missing. 

Although the small audience were intrigued from the word go as the puppetry came to life and the staging concept of this production shows promise, this Frog Prince failed to charm this time around.  

The Tiniest Frog Prince in the World | C venues | 13:15


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