N is for Nonsense Room

There seemed to be more pushchairs than parents as the sold out crowd transcended on the George Square theatre this morning for the Shark in the Park. Nick Sharratt’s popular books have been adapted for the stage by Nonsense Room, ABA International Touring and Macrobert Arts Centre, and the end result is a performance which is almost the mirror image of the illustrated storybooks. 

Timothy Pope is very excited for his birthday and when the big day finally arrives, his newly acquired telescope becomes glued to his hand as he discovers all kinds of things in the distance. But no sharks… No sharks in the park, no sharks in the dark, no sharks on windy days… or are there? As the three stories are brought to life, Timothy looks all around with his new toy to find just what he’s looking for, with a little help from his friends both on stage and off. 

Although there was a constant sense of restlessness, the audience were keen to join in with the rhymes and verse as the three actors inject song and cheer into the shark based antics. With a brilliant set and costume design straight from the books themselves, this family tale of bedtime tricks, gusts of wind and dreams of talking seagulls is a great introduction to the theatre for 2-5 year olds. 

Shark in the Park | Assembly George Square Theatre | 10:00


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