S is for Stories

There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a good book, and that’s just the case in Trick of the Light’s The Bookbinder in the Cellar at Pleasance Courtyard this festival.  A one man show, this performance is a bit of a hidden gem, the kind that you’d find right at the back of an old book shop. 

We are introduced to the Bookbinder who is looking for an apprentice ‘who is not the first, and will not be the last’, and as an unassuming boy enters his shop, we enter in his story as a large book is opened and the pages come to life with cut out scenes and pop up characters.  As puppetry and shadow art are cleverly combined alongside a musical score from an old gramophone, the highly skilled performer brings the special set to life and the young boy has to prove his worth in order to restore the balance. 

There are moments of darkness and pure humour, and as the audience lean in to get a closer look at the intricate book, the enchanting storytelling keeps the occupants of the small intimate venue mesmerised as the tale develops. An intriguing and cleverly designed piece, this one man show is enchanting, beautiful and one for the older children in that odd age gap between childish cheese and teenage dreams.

The Bookbinder | Pleasance Courtyard | 13:00


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