T is for Twins…

A factual topic is a hard one to portray without patronising or boring its audience but Modest Predicament have done a wonderful job in Erin, Errol and The Earth Creatures at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.  Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Royal Mile in an initmate upstairs space, this tale features charming storytelling and a heartfelt message. 

Erin and Errol are twins (although don’t forget Erin is one minute older!), and when Errol goes missing one day, it is down to Erin to find him.  As she follows the wisp, she meets creatures from the earth who teach her lessons about recycling, reusing and looking after the world around her.  But she can’t do it alone and in order to get Errol to return home, she must share this with her parents and the rest of the town. 

With a live guitar on stage, upbeat songs and adorable puppets made of recycling, the audience are kept intrigued from start to finish and hopefully will all take away a new outlook on looking after what will be left for future generations. 

Erin, Errol and The Earth Creatures | Scottish Storytelling Centre | 11:30


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