U is for Urban Pirates

Pirates and hip hop isn’t a combination you come across very often but Let’s all Dance have done just that this month at theSpace venue. Pesky Pirates: A Hip Hop Adventure had the front row audience members on their feet as their story came to life. 

With absolutely no dialogue throughout the performance, the two pirates tell the story of their treasure chest discovery, their hunt for its key and their troubles on the high seas. Alongside a vaguely hip hop soundtrack, the two actors use expressive faces and dance movements to keep the audience intrigued and as the waves get bigger and bigger, the small children in the front row were up on their feet instantly to join in as they were giving fabric to wave around. 

Although not what I expected, this performance was definitely not short on energy and the young pirates were more than up for joining the dance off on stage, even if some were slightly early to the party! An upbeat and fun production, pitched at just the right duration for its demographic.

Pesky Pirates: A hip hop adventure | theSpace @ Niddry Street | 11:20


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