XY is for Xtra mischief for the Young ones

Barrowland Ballet are always a delight to see featured on any program and this year they’re at Dancebase on the Grassmarket with their show Poggle, aimed at those under the age of 4. Full of mischief, Poggle is a beautiful exploration of dance for the little ones with some added humour for their grown ups to appreciate too.

The piece explores how young children see the world and we are introduced to Poggle as she drags her new friend round the space on a journey of discoveries, including squelching through mud, climbing trees and blowing bubbles. As children (and adults) are picked up as they place hide and seek, the two friends roll and dance around the space, playing clapping games on their stomachs and finding new sounds amongst their surroundings. 

This cheeky magical performance is a wonderful escape and the onstage musical accompaniment and rhyming songs really add to the overall imagery. With the chance for the little ones to interact and play on stage at the end, Barrowland Ballet have pitched this just right, making this a treat and a wonderful introduction to dance for the under 4s.

Poggle | Dancebase | 13:30


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