Z is for a Zest of Grimm

The Grimm brothers wrote over 200 stories but only a select few of them are still retold today; you know the ones: Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and all the others with the perfect happy ending. Not wanting to miss any stories, Avva Laff productions are at theSpace currently to tell the forgotten tales with the more gruesome endings.

The story squad are introduced and  as they all switch between various characters, the gritty tales are all played out before the audience. As one character tries to cheat death, one hen reaches an unfortunate demise and Hans my Hedgehog teaches it is always better to keep your promises, this show has something for the whole family with a few puns slipped in for the adults. 

The space is too small for the cast and their set, but the direction is clear and works well for the most part. Stuffed to the brim with puppetry, rapping, larger than life costumes and some straight talking story telling, the energy is high and this taste of the darker side of Grimm makes a change from the fairy tales and conventional happy ever afters.

Although the whole piece could be a lot slicker and some of the cheaper costumes and over enthusiastic clichés could be lost, the humorous storytelling itself is a treat for those aged 6+ and the constant switching between fact and fiction keeps the audience intrigued and involved.

The Grimmest of Grimm Tales | theSpace @ Surgeons Hall | 09:40


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