The internet is full of hidden secrets, a whole world of information and photos which could go for years undiscovered before they get caught up in the wrong hands. Blush from Snuffbox Theatre is a peephole in to a world many of us would rather stay buried well beyond cat videos, celeb selfies and the latest retail sales. 

As two actors switch between multiple characters, different aspects of the internet come to life in a fast paced, sometimes brutal manner. A younger sister who’s naked photos have gone viral, a girlfriend ghosted for no apparent reason who seeks revenge, a father who’s a fan of a webcam… The script flickers between each role, each bringing to the foreground the highs and lows of the power of social media and the web, as well as highlighting the impulsive nature of every post or camera shot. While the production emphasises that this activity happens to both sexes, the exposure and emotion is much more raw for the female performer creating compelling, if slightly uncomfortable, viewing. 
Although the energy is occasionally beyond control and the character changes are hard to keep up with, the monologues are skilfully delivered and the space is used well as cameras whur and flash at every turn as a snapshot of the humanity behind the online imagery. 

A highly relevant must see this Edinburgh Fringe, full of heartache, regret and disgust: Blush is an urgently needed take on revenge porn which doesn’t need to resort to nudity to captivate it’s audience. 

Blush | Underbelly Cowgate | 18:00


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