You’ve got Dragons

It’s the Easter holidays, so of course Chapter Arts is full of excited children and their parents downing a much welcomed cuppa, before Taking Flight’s anticipated You’ve Got Dragons takes to the stage. Taking Flight pride themselves on bringing highly accessible theatre to audiences of all ages, and this slice of children’s fun was definitely not exception.

As the lights dim and two Dragons emerge, the audience watch with anticipation, some a little nervous, as the brightly coloured set comes to life and Benjamina tells her story.  Ben has Dragons which follow her on the bus, in class and hide under her bed… but over time she manages to control her demons, taking your dragon for walks can help if you were interested! Whilst some of the anxiety symptoms may have gone over the heads of the younger ones, this doesn’t have any impact on their ability to enjoy the performance, and the music and on stage instruments keep them all involved as different characters appear and the Dragons become a challenge to overcome. 

Despite a slow start and being a little chaotic at times trying to be everything for everyone, You’ve got Dragons has something for the whole family as the parents sympathised with the universal bedtime routine and there was laughter all round as the postman swaggered crossed the set. 

With various elements performed in British sign language, captions on the stage screens and some audio description, the production is incredibly accessible and the bright colours and bouncy music is a welcome burst of sunshine from an otherwise gloomy, rainy Cardiff evening. 


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