Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

It’s that time of the year again and the beautiful city of Edinburgh has turned in to a whole world of performances, faltering and the best kind of chaos you could imagine. As always there’s a great offering across all genres, and there are some excellent slices of children’s theatre tucked away in the early hours of daylight each day.  Oskar’s Amazing Adventures is one of these, upstairs in the beautiful building turned in to the Gilded Balloon for August and this one woman performance is full of joy, puppy adventures and dance moves to kick start your day!

Performed by Natasha Granger, we are introduced to Grandma and her animals who live in a little house on the top of a mountain. Puppy Oskar just wants to explore and one day takes the leap to go down the mountain to make some new friends leaving behind a cockerel and a hen playing tug of war, and Momma Bella snoozing with Grandma. As Oskar takes off in to the snow, meeting new animals along the way (not all entirely friendly!), the audience are encouraged to join in as the snow falls around him and he discovers a new joy of digging. 

The set wonderfully adapts to every scene and adventure, and Natasha Granger does an incredible job of keeping audience members young and old enthralled from start to end. 

A little too long for some of the smaller members of the audience but a beautiful example of charming storytelling and adventures. Made even better by a young audience member called Oskar joining in as much as possible as the tale continued! 

Oskar’s Amazing Adventure | Gilded Balloon – Dining Room | 11:50


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