Oyster Boy

Everyone knows the story of girl meets boy, but that is not quite the extent of this production by a long shot… Adapted from the story by Tim Burton, Oyster Boy has been brought to the festival by Haste Theatre company and are based in the tucked away Omnitorium as part of Assembly this year.

An all female ensemble, the cast work well together to tell the story of Jim and Alice’s whirlwind romance and the introduction to the world of their son, Sam who has an oyster for a head! Starting on a beach on Cony Island in the 1950s, the performance can sometimes feel a little disjointed and overly long in places, but as the Oyster Boy himself is brought to life in beautiful puppetry, the piece starts to soar along with the waves of the ocean.  Molly and Polly work brilliantly as Sam’s playmates, accepting of their new friend no matter what their Mother says. 

The puppetry itself injected fresh air in to the piece and the scenes of sole puppetry and singing were choreographed beautifully. Not what I was expecting from the offset but storytelling done very well complete with humorous doctors visits, a wonderful puppet and free lollipops! 

Oyster Boy – Haste Theatre Company | Asssembly Omnitorium