Pleasance dome is a greenhouse haven from the showers this August in Edinburgh and tucked away in the Jack Dome, is Liz Richardson and Tara Robinson’s production of Gutted. A real life account of Liz’s bowel condition, this is a brace and brazen account of what goes on behind closed bathroom doors. 

Liz Richardson is a twenty-something, living with a chronic bowel condition called ulcerative colitis, and as we were are introduced to several relations, as well as nurses and doctors, the extent of her condition becomes apparent to the audience. As audience members are invited on to stage to play the parts of parents and others, bribed with cupcakes and beer, Liz gives a bold and shamless insight in to appointment after appointment and the reactions from complete stranger, to delve into how we deal with invisible illnesses. 

Well created and brilliantly told, as Liz switches from character to character, and eats yoghurt after yoghurt, she gives an upfront and engaging account into the condition and her experience dealing with embarrassing symptoms, as well as a grateful nod to the NHS.  Not your standard show content by a long stretch, but a relevant and truthful account, scented by tomato ketchup, of an invisible illness which is so rarely spoken of.

Gutted | Pleasance Dome 


Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly

Everyone has those ugly days, those days when you’ve not been matched on tinder or those days when you’re the reason there’s a smell on the bus… Tamar Broadbent is championing all females in their mid 20s with her show, Get Ugly, this year at Underbelly Med Quad and I’ll cut straight to the point, this show made me cackle. Loud.  

Tamar has just come out of a five year relationship and is struggling to come to terms with herself again as a singleton, especially when her sister points out that you get 25% uglier when going through a break up! As she battles hot gym girl on a daily, struggles with the app dating game of swiping and matching and reiterates the common thoughts on Facebook suicide, she tells how she has learnt to love herself again as she adjusts to independent life. 

This show is the perfect remedy for an ugly day and a slice of pure comic relief for a late afternoon. Through songs and anecdotes, and even a Britney moment, the sold out room was full of laughter, nods in agreement and a lot of hell yeahs. I mean, moving the fridge is super hard work for one person… but anyway, Get Ugly is for anyone who’s gone through a break up, fallen out with a friend or got stuck feeling a little less awesome than you should do, and I urge you all to get a ticket pronto. 

Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly | Underbelly Med Quad