The Other Room play host to the debut production of new company, OtherLife as they take on Jack Thorne’s Mydidae this time round and as the audience takes their seats as dust bunnies on the top bathroom shelf, there’s already an air of unease within the space.

The whole pieces takes place within the bathroom of a couples home, and we are introduced to Marian and David, as she tries to learns French and he prepares for a big pitch in work. As they come and go throughout the day, it soon becomes clear that it is not all happy families within the household and their secrets are laid out when they are at their most vulnerable, in supposedly the most private place in the home.

As the pub theatre space has been transformed in to a fully working bathroom for this production, it is very easy to be caught up in the drama in the confined space as the story unfolds. However, despite the brave performances from the two actors, and a huge lack of physical inhibition which is taken as far as possible, the intensity is disorientating at times and it seems as though the direction struggles to fully establish the relationship and all its complexity.This is a confident debut production from OtherLife although the delivery is not quite fully formed, given the intensity of the underlying themes of Jack Thorne’s writing.

Mydidae runs at The Other Room until June 2nd. For further updates on The Other Room, follow @TORtheatre