The Nature of Forgetting

There is physical theatre galore at the festival this summer and it is slowly becoming more and more common in regional theatres across the country.  Tucked away in a corner of Pleasance Courtyard, The Nature of Forgetting is a beautiful piece on living with dementia and the absent mindedness that comes hand in hand. 

A new production from Theatre Re, we meet a father on his 55th birthday and as he struggles with simple daily routine and the names of loved ones, his mind is flooded with memories and moments of importance from his past. With very little dialogue, the onstage musicians play a vital part in guiding us through the story and the choreography and movement is perfectly in sync as the ensemble unite as character after character. 

With several scenes back to Tom’s school days, as the earliest memories are now the most prominent in his mind, and one bicycle scene which is full of joy, and ear to ear grins… the memories switch between the vague and the more certain and the cast excel themselves in their movements and sheer presence in the space. 

A very powerful and mesmerising piece receiving a well deserved standing ovation: this production will make you think, feel and sit back in awe. 

The Nature of Forgetting | Pleasance Courtyard


In sync: incredible

Core strength and clever choreography are two of the typical components in any dance piece, add to that a projected masterpiece and digital design and you get a Motionhouse production. One of the UK’s leading dance companies, Motionhouse were on the Welsh leg of their tour last night and were greeted by a buzzing audience at the Sherman theatre.

A production full of intensity and fire, the narrative revolves loosely around the Earth and it’s evolution, ranging from early creation through to the natural disasters we face in the modern world. The earth in it’s broken form, broken down partnerships and broken individuals all feature: creating an unsure sense of reality whilst examining the relationships between humanity and the elements.

Imagery is projected on to a set which simultaneously works as both a screen and a stage, allowing what was initially thought to be a screen to become a platform for the dancers to enter and exit the space as well as a display of the clever and intricate digital effects. The six dancers prove themselves as talented athletes as well as dancers from the first movements on a darkened stage: Working together to create platforms and props, as well as connecting emotionally with each other, each performer is fearless in their movements and their acrobatic ability and overall strength is beyond impressive (especially to a mere mortal who struggles lifting several bags of groceries…!)

A cleverly designed set and an impressive creative team and cast, the audience were truly gripped, gasping in amazement and on their feet for a standing ovation. An amazing combination of dance and digital projections, Motionhouse have created an incredible display of talent, strength and illusion.